Hello Barcelona! We were able to stay here for 2 days and Spain was definitely a beautiful place! We were able to see this beautiful park and even got to sit on the world’s largest bench! The bench designs are made out of broken pieces of cups and bowls! 

The markets there had so many amazing things! They had cups of fruit for $1 and tons of candy shops! Needless to say we spent a lot of time in those markets! 

We got to see the Holy Familia Basilica in Barcelona. This was definitely one of the CRAZIEST things we saw our whole trip; this basilica is insane and is still be worked on. It is scheduled to be finished in 2020! 

There were random fountains all throughout the city! Gorgeous! 

We were able to see yet another cathedral, the oldest one in Barcelona in fact! The detail was incredible! 

I loved all of the random works of art throughout the city! This was one of the amazing ones we found on someone’s storefront!  

Spain was so much fun! We had a blast strolling through the streets and playing on the beach! Stay tuned on Thursday to see where we went next! 
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Passport to Paris

the city of love and lights.

Paris was as breathtaking as I had imagined. All of the little alleyways, random dive cafes and restaurants, musicians playing throughout the streets, it was pure bliss. 

 We had a little “Mary Poppins” moment… “feed the birds!” wink-wink! These pigeons were so people friendly and ate crumbs right out of our hands!

The walkway along the canals and rivers of Paris were so fun. They were always packed with tons of people just socializing and it was a beautiful spot to relax and enjoy the scenery.

 We were able to fulfill our lifelong dream of being Mary-Kate & Ashley…. Passport to Paris anyone? Love this photo!!

 We took a boat out at sunset to view the city. It was so awesome to see all of the major attractions lit up at night!

Especially this.. :) It lit up for us when we arrived there at Midnight. Couldn't have planned it better. 

The food was amazing… and yes, I had to have French fries in France. Even though they aren’t French. And yes…. They were to die for! 
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WHAT'S NEW, NINA KAT | Reviving Your Broken Products

Hello everyone! My name is Nini Kat and I blog over at What's New,  Nini Kat?
I write about my life, beauty and sometimes my so called fashion! I am here at Courtney's blog to spread the word about a life saving tip I recently discovered! I hope you enjoy.

Picture it. You're fumbling around with your make up in the morning and accidentally drop your favorite eyeshadow. Yes, the one that happened to cost 15 dollars. It's now the end of the world.

Well while digging around the web, I found a pictorial claiming a broken eye shadow or blush can be fixed with just a bit of alcohol. No, not the drinky kind. So I decided to chance it and try it. The results were pretty pleasing!

To begin you will need the broken disaster makeup product, some 70% alcohol and a napkin/spoon/fork.

I began by breaking it up even more. I suspect you are skeptical and as was I. 

Add a few drops of the alcohol. This was a large sized eye shadow so it required a few drops to make a paste. Using an eye dropper is so much easier but sadly I do not have one.

After the product has formed a paste, begin to pack it down using the spoon.

Let it dry for a few hours. Mine came out a little bit messy, but this was a trial run. I didn't want to chance it by ruining my fancy broken shadows just yet. A lot of pinterest fails have occurred under my watch and I wanted to make sure not to make anything worse.

You can't tell in the image but the eye shadow is just as sparkly as before.

Verdict: Pretty much a success!!

Thanks for reading. I was very excited to hear about this method and I hope it helps at least one person :)

Ya'll can follow me on twitter/instagram with the name nini_kat

<<< Christine Barlow Photography Photo Session Giveaway >>>

Capturing a moment is something special, it definitely takes true talent. I love photography and how the possibilities of what you can capture are endless.

I am pleased to introduce my very good friend, Christine Olsen, the master photographer of Christine Barlow Photography

Christine and I have known each other for years and I attribute my survival through high school to her. We had the opportunity to work together through high school as well and made so many amazing memories together that keep me laughing to this day! Christine is an AMAZING photographer and I was lucky enough to have her shoot some photos for me! Stay tuned to see more of the shots she did for me and be sure to check out her website to see all of her amazing shots!

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