DIY: Home T-Shirt

Seen the Home T’s going around lately? I’ve seen so many bloggers wearing them that I couldn’t help but look into it!  They have a GREAT website and I think it's a great idea, however with money needing to go towards other things, I couldn't afford the price currently! I decided instead to take this on as my latest DIY project. It actually was pretty easy, and the shirt cost me $7 Dollars total!
Here’s how to get the look!

You’ll Need:-A plain colored t-shirt
- White Fabric Paint

STEPS:-Google the outline of the state you live in.
-Save the picture and adjust to the size you want.
-In Microsoft Word, type the word “Home.” In whatever font you’d like.
- Cut out the outline of your state, and place it in the center of your T-Shirt
-Trace the outline with fabric paint (the kind I have has a small end, just like a pencil, which allows for great tracing!)
- Cut out the word “Home.” And place it in the center of your state. Trace the letters with your fabric paint
- Fill in your state with white fabric paint, allowing the paint to dry for 4 days after being completed.
Here’s the final product:

I was really happy with how my T-Shirt turned out and I’ve already gotten a lot of compliments on it! You’d have no idea that I made it myself! I have to admit, I was pretty impressed with myself for figuring out how to do this! See below for how I styled it! Also, be sure to enter the Goldsmith Co. Fresh-Water Pearl Necklace Giveaway that I'm currently hosting!! You have until Monday, June 10th to enter! 

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  1. What a great idea! I totally want to copy this!!

    xo, Jessica

    1. Thank you! It really is pretty easy and definitely a lot cheaper! Thanks for reading! XO

  2. Love it, looks really cute! don't you love figuring out how to do it yourself. I just posted a refashioned tee as well.

    1. I will have to check out your site! I love refashioning items and making them your own!

  3. Really cute simply diy need to get back to these again

    1. DIYs are a must huh! Thank you for reading!!


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