A Little Maxi Never Hurt Nobody

Sometime you just need an easy, go-to outfit. One that you know you’ll always look good in and that’s simple for days when you don’t feel like worrying too much about your outfit. I can’t seem to get enough of Maxi Skirts & Dresses. They are so easy to style and always look so put together! Check out one of my favorite maxis from my closet! It's mainly my favorite because I love the little slits it has on the side! 

Maxi Dress|H&MClearance $15.00
Belt|Plato’s Closet $4.00
Shoes|Lauren Conrad at Kohls $15.00
Sunglasses|Forever 21 $4.95

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Tips for Thrift Shopping

No. I’m not talking Macklemore!  I’m talking about finding some killer deals on some great, used items. There are some common misconceptions about thrift stores:
1.     Everything there stinks or has stains
2.     The only reason you should go there is if you are buying items for a costume
3.     Everything there is out of style
4.     Wearing thrift items means you are poor. (I think exactly the opposite... I think it means you're super smart!!)
Remember… “Another Man’s trash is Another Man’s treasure.”
I didn’t start truly thrift shopping until college. College was when I really learned how to budget money for groceries, rent, AND have enough to have a killer wardrobe. I can’t tell you how many designer brand clothing items I have that were all found at thrift shops. In Utah, we have what is called Deseret Industries, also known as the D.I. It’s a place where people can donate their gently-used items and it’s pretty much a thrifter’s paradise.
When it comes to thrift shopping, it’s an art. I’ve put together a few tips that will help you find those diamond in the rough items for a ridiculously good price!

It often takes time to find those special items in a thrift store. Be patient and look at EVERYTHING! Take your time and be thorough when you’re looking through the racks. You’ll be surprised at how many designer items are out there!

Sometimes you’ll just find stuff by luck, but it always helps to have a idea of what you are looking for. There are always great deals at thrift stores and you don’t want to get sucked into buying something you probably won’t wear just because it’s cheap.
You may find the perfect vintage shirt however it’s one size too big, or the sleeves on a dress you found are a little poufy. Altering items can be done quite easily. You could take in that vintage tee to fit better or cut those sleeves off the dress to make it sleeveless for summer. Most items have great potential; you just have to be creative.

Before you leave, be sure to look at every item carefully just to make sure you didn’t miss any possible stains, rips, or marks. Some stains can be removed easily with bleach but most thrift stores are final sale so once you’ve bought it, it’s yours for good!

I love to thrift shop. I have never been one of those girls to spend $50 on a pair of heels or one that has to wear all the designer-name brands. Gag me. I love to be creative and make my own fashion. Thrift shopping allows you to find some great vintage items while keeping your costs low! Plus you’ll have way more clothes (and variety) than those girls who stick with their designer-name brands anyway!

What’s your favorite place to thrift shop? Below are a few of my favorite posts I’ve done with thrift items, check them out! 




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High-Waisted Swimsuit Bottoms

High-Waisted Swimsuit Bottoms

Swimsuit season rushed up on me this year. While I love spending time at the waterpark and basking in the sun, I am very self conscious of my body. I can’t tell you how happy I am that one pieces, tankinis and high-waisted swimsuits are back in style! High-waisted bikinis have such a feminine, retro vibe and they always remind me of the movie, The Notebook (great show!)
I’m displaying some of my favorite high-waisted swimsuit bottoms for the upcoming summer season! 

Are you going to try out the high-waisted trend?

Floral Bikini Set| Urban Outfitters
Black Sailor Bottoms| Etsy
Floral High-Waisted Bottoms| ASOS ( I just purchased these and can’t wait for it to arrive!)
Polka Dot Bikini Set| Esther Williams

Graphic Tees + Kate from Just Kate.

I’m happy to introduce you all to Kate from the blog,
Just Kate. I fell in love with her blog immediately and couldn’t resist teaming up with her to showcase some different ways to wear graphic tees. Check out more of Kate’s look here! Be sure to follow her blog on social media! 

Graphic tees are easy to dress up
(see Kate’s look)! Pair it up with a flowy skirt; add some heels and jewelry and you’re good to go! I love dressing to fit my mood of the day and graphic tees are a great way to express yourself. I was feeling a bit rocker and couldn’t resist pairing this H&M Graphic tee with my faux-leather leggings.  One misconception about graphic tees if that they have to be form fitting in order to look good. FALSE! Wear an oversized tee for a laid-back look or tuck it into jeans or a skirt to look more polished.
Shirt| H&M Clearance $3.00
Faux Leather Leggings| Cotton On $7.00
Tennis Shoes| Forever Young Shoes $20.00
Sunglasses| Forever 21 $ 4.80


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Wannabe Wednesday: The Olsen Twins

I have been obsessed with the Olsen twins, Mary-Kate & Ashley, since the beginning of time. They were my fashion icons growing up and I have loved watching their style evolve over the years. I love their laidback, indie/hippie style and they literally can pull off anything. Their fashion lines Stylemint, The Row, Olsenboye, Elizabeth and James, give some great inspiration even though they’re not exactly in my price range!

The Olsen twins will continue to be some of my favorite fashion icons and I can’t wait to see what their style develops into next! Here are some of my favorite fashion moments from Mary-Kate & Ashley. Check out Olsens Anonymous for daily fashion updates on the twins! 

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DIY: How to Bleach a Denim Shirt

First off, Congratulations to Jody Taylor Bitton, the winner of the Handmade Card from LoveByTay Etsy Shop! Email me at cjpruitt22@gmail.com to claim your prize!!

I am obsessed with denim shirts this season. I can’t give enough of the different styles, patterns, and shades of denim shirts! My recent DIY was bleaching out a dark-denim shirt I found at the local thrift store. It was extremely easy and I am really happy with how it turned out. I filled my kitchen sink with one cup bleach and a quart of water. I soaked the entire denim shirt, flipping sides every 15 minutes until the shirt looked the color I was wanting.  I left the denim shirt in for approximately an hour and here’s the final product:

One tip for those wanting to do the DIY Bleach Effect: I had to wash my shirt a few times before the “bleach” smell fully went away! Remember to use the correct bleach to water ratio and wash the shirt BY ITSELF once you are done!

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LBM (Little Black Maxi)

Yes, I’m head over heels for maxis. Maxi Skirts, Maxi Dresses, I love them all. This Black Maxi Dress from Old Navy is one of my go-to items this spring. I chose black not only because it is slimming, but because it is easy to pair with so many things I already have in my closet. When your outfit is more on the simple side, it’s always fun to add a few accessories! I’ve grown to love the color taupe and love pairing it with gold accessories. What’s your go-to item this spring? 

Maxi Dress| 
Old Navy
Bag| Forever 21Belt| J. CrewBangles | ThriftedHat| TargetShoes| Forever Young Shoes
Sunnies| Forever 21

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