Polka Dots + Pencil Skirts

I can’t explain how happy I am that it’s finally the weekend! Since getting my new job, it has become more and more essential to wear appropriate business-casual attire. It’s important to me to feel pretty and comfortable, especially since my work clothes are what I’m in for 8 hours a day! For this post I’m sporting some of my favorite things, polka dots, coral, and neutral heels. Polka Dots are a great way to spice up your work wardrobe while still maintaining that classy look. Pencil skirts will never go out of style and this season there are SO many fun colors and prints out there for the workplace. Neutral heels definitely are a staple item for me during the spring and summer months, just be sure you get a pair you feel comfortable wearing around all day! (P.S. One of my biggest pet peeves is women who buy heels but can’t walk in them properly! DON’T be one of those women!) Jewelry is always a must too! I keep my look simple with my go-to pearl earrings and this cute bow ring from this adorable shop on Etsy! See link below and check it out!!

Hope everyone has a great Friday and an awesome weekend!

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  1. Very cute!! I'm LOVING that skirt! =)

  2. Cute! Loving the polka dots!!


  3. Just decided to google my shop name to look up something and came across your page! Thank you very much for featuring my ring! Your blog is just the cutest! If you ever see anything you like on my page message me before you order. I would love to show my thanks by giving you a VIP discount. Thanks again!



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