Chartreuse & Coral

Chartreuse, the color halfway between yellow and green, has become one of the hottest colors of the Spring/Summer 2013 season. I found this adorable skirt at the local thrift store downtown and for $5 dollars, I couldn’t pass it up. I saw a post on Lauren Conrad’s site titled, Spring Fling: Why We Love Chartruese & Coral, and I decided to do my own take on the color combo.
Lauren Conrad's Version:

My Version:

I paired the chartreuse color with a striped coral ¾ sleeve shirt from H&M. I added some jewelry, a belt and some neutral flats and Wah-La! Chartreuse would not normally be a color that I gravitate to, but it has a vibrant feel that is great for summer time!

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  1. Cute! Completely loving chartreuse! Have a photo or two with this colour on my post today! :)

  2. This outfit is great! Love the color combo and definitely love your take on it. So great that you found the skirt for only $5! Bargains are the best.

    <3 Alyssa

  3. What a fun color combo! I used to be scared of neon but I do like the chartreuse color.

    Jeans and a Teacup

  4. I love your version, the color are amazing!!
    ♡Lots of love

  5. The stripes add such detail, but not too much to clash!

  6. Love your spin on this!
    The color of that skirt is fab!

  7. What a lovely outfit! The colors are amazing :)

    If you have a sec, hope you can check out the latest on my blog: If you want to, would you like to follow each other via GFC? Just give me a heads up dear! xo

  8. FAB look and what a steal!!! Thanks for sharing as I never would've thought of pairing them together!! I love LC

  9. Love this combo! I like your outfit better than the inspiration look :)

  10. This color combo is amazing together!

    Pearls & Paws

  11. Love the colors you used!!! Very fresh outfit!!!

    You can enter my Giveaway to win bright earrings for summer!)

  12. darling outfit! love the pencil skirt and the color combo!

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