How To: Host a Bridal Shower

Can't believe it's already March! Definitely excited to see what this upcoming month brings. Wedding season is almost upon us but in Utah, it's ALWAYS wedding season! Weddings are a time of major planning, sticking to your budget, and experiencing a good amount of stress. As the bride-to-be, there’s a beauty of being thrown a bridal shower. First off, you don’t have to be the one to plan anything, and it gives you a great time to relax with friends and family and forget about all your wedding worries. In honor of the bridal shower I am attending tonight for my future cousin-in-law, I decided to dedicate this post to some creative bridal shower ideas and tips!

Picking a theme can often make the bridal shower easier to manage, since there are a million ideas to choose from across the internet. A “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” or “Vintage Garden Party” theme are just a few options! There are plenty of DIY ideas for both of these themes available on Pinterest. See Here and Here !

When planning the activity, theme, décor, keep the bride-to-be in mind. Try to make the event a reflection of her and her personality, not simply all of your favorite things. If the bride doesn’t want to be surprised, you can run the activities by her to see if she would like to make any changes or if she feels uncomfortable with anything you may have had in mind.

Fun bridal oriented treats can make for a fun addition to the party. I love this idea of decorating cookies and adding a little scandalous flair. Whether you’re a drinker or not; fun, flirty drinks are a must! We had sparkling cider and made our own non-alcoholic drink mixtures are my bridal shower and it was fun to make yummy concoctions together!

BE CREATIVEIncorporate an item or decoration that the bride-to-be can take home and keep as a keepsake. You could also give the bride-to-be things to wear such as a cute hat or banner that she can pass onto the next bride within your friend group. Be sure to take lots of pictures to document the event!

At my own bridal shower, we had plenty of games, both sexual and non-sexual to play! It was such a good way to break the ice and to include and introduce friends I had from multiple friends group. Ask the groom questions about his bride and see if she and the other guests can guess his answers. The ideas for sexual games are endless, check out this site for a bunch of ideas! 

I've even included a few pics from my own bridal shower!

Bridal Showers are a great time to relax, laugh and get to know the bride-to-be better! As long as the bride has her best friends there who she knows support her, she's bound to love the party, no matter what you end up planning!



  1. Cute ideas! My best friend's bridal shower is this month and I love all of your ideas. I might try to incorporate a few extras after reading this!


  2. So nice post!!!Great advice!=)

  3. Nice post!great advice!=)

  4. Perfect timing with this post! :))
    Check back to my blog to see the answers to your questions! ;)

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  6. This would've been so helpful 2 weeks ago!! But I'm glad you can inspire others because planning a bridal shower was super stressful! Great post :)

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