Monday Mantra

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had a good weekend. Me & the hubs had a nice weekend getaway with his extended family and it was much needed.  Too bad vacations can’t last forever… back to the usual routine again! For this Monday I decided to display some of my favorite quotes I’ve come across over the years. Everyone is always in need of some good advice and pick-me-up quotes to brighten their day! Check out my Pinterest board (see below) for more inspirational quotes to liven your spirits!


  1. Love all these quotes! Definitely needed after getting back to the grind on Monday's ... Thank you!

  2. I loved these quotes! And I would have to agree.. too bad vacations don't last longer. I hate to go back into the grind of things after a nice vacation!

  3. The quotes are important part of life as they change human thinking with lifestyle, but all is visible to if adopted daily as they create positive energy to boost confidence that helps to dwell any situation, but also it is good idea to enjoy the online astrologer with daily horoscope that lets your future prediction.

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