DIY- Valentines Day Decor

If you know me you know I love decorating for holidays. This is again, something that was engrained into me during my childhood. Every holiday our house was decked out with décor. As a married couple, I plan to carry on that tradition. While some may say that Valentines is just a dumb excuse to buy your significant other something fancy, or that it’s overrated and leads to expectations that are eventually unsatisfied, I disagree with you.  Yes, it’s sad that there is a holiday to remind us to show the ones we love that we love them. However, life meant to be celebrated, love is necessarily in life, thus celebrating love sounds great to me!
Here’s some of my fun, inexpensive valentine décor I have up in our cute little apartment (a.k.a. love shack!) Ha-Ha!

 Heart Magnets: This was a great find at the local dollar store. I loved all the cute heart designs and for that cheap, I couldn’t resist! These are a great investment because you can reuse them year after year!
You can find similar items at: Walmart, Target or your nearest dollar store.

Stuffed Animal: Valentines & Stuffed Animals go hand-in-hand. I got this monkey from my mom when I was probably 8 and I have loved it ever since! I couldn’t resist putting it up. Adding a little stuffed friend can liven up a room and will bring you back to your childhood!
You can find similar items at Walmart, Target or Hallmark.

Heart Vase: To make this candle holder, I used an old vase, added some heart tabletop decorations in pink and red, tied a pretty red bow, and then added one of my favorite vanilla candles to complete the look. This cost me $2 dollars to put this together. Frankly, I’m pretty proud of myself for coming up with it J
You can find similar items at your local craft store, Michaels, or Home Goods.

Frog Prince: I received this from a good friend in my neighborhood while growing up. I couldn’t resist putting him out and he even sings love songs when you press on crown! I love the whole frog prince idea and definitely think this will be a fun décor item when we have kids!

Valentine’s Day Printables: I found these off Pinterest and fell in love with them. Printables are one of the easiest ways to liven up a room and add a little personality. I’ve included the printables below for you to print off for your own use! 

You’ve still got 16 days until Valentines… Get Decorating Ladies!
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  1. Great ideas! It's never to early to get some hearts and pink mixed in the decor... Love the printable posters, thanks for sharing!

    Elle Lush

  2. Love your ideas!

  3. Excellent ideas! I particularly liked to vases.

  4. I need to bust out some decor, thanks for th e sinpiration!


  5. Hi! Thanks for your comment on my blog! :) Oh and I totally agree with you, Valentine's Day is FUN! And not dumb at all. I love how you've incorporated all the valentine cheer in your life! :) Cute blog!

    Cup of Tea

  6. Hi Courtney! Love the DIY ideas. I am a DIY fanatic. Just became your follower...I look forward to more posts!

  7. I have a frog prince just like the one here but it sings Find me someone to love can any one tell me where I can get info on it pls !


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