TREND: Printed Pants

                                           Printed Pants.
This trend hit the runway in early Spring 2012 and has been a fashion necessity ever since. As a retread from the 1980s’, these are back in full force and are an easy way to add a little flair to your outfit. If you’ve been in a department store lately, I’m sure you’ve noticed the millions of different patterns they now have available in printed pants. I personally can’t get into the striped look or the polychromatic prints, so I choose to stick with the fun and summery version: Floral Print

This trend is a little bit out-there, so sticking with the floral print was an easy transition for me. I found these at back in September and was pretty nervous to wear them out in public. I chose the darker shade to help slim my thighs and the color scheme complimented items I already have in my current wardrobe. I chose to wear a plain sweater in order for their printed pants to be the emphasized element of my outfit. I paired the leggings with contrast-colored boots and a little denim accent. 

Here are a few tips when choosing printed pants and picking items to accentuate your best features while still being stylish.

Pants vs. Leggings
I think this comes down to personal preference. For me personally, I prefer leggings because I feel like they are more comfortable, very light-weight, and they help slim out my figure. Stores offer a variety of both jeans and leggings, allowing for your options to be endless. If this is a fashion risk for you, choose what you’re going to feel the most comfortable in. 

Choose the Right Print
Whether you want to be bold and loud or simple and basic, choosing what colors you like can make all the difference. When picking out what type of printed pant to wear, make sure to get a print that flatters your body type. Printed pants do have the ability to accentuate your thighs. If you are on the heavier side, stick with a darker print which can help slim out the look. If you are on the skinnier side, bold, large patterns are a great way to stand out.

With this trend, like all others, having balance is the true key. If you are wearing tighter jeans or leggings, opt for an oversized sweater or baggier top. If you are wearing loose or slouchy printed pants, stick with a tighter fitting top. I had to experiment multiple times before I found an ensemble that I really liked. You want to keep the look light and fresh, so you don’t appear bottom heavy. The goal is to experiment, add pieces from your current wardrobe to make  

Printed Pants can be a cool and flirty twist during the Winter Season, but this is also a fun trend that you can wear year-round. Make this trend your own by simply experimenting!  
Find your favorite prints, balance them out with other simple wardrobe favorites and you’ll have everybody noticing you sporting this chic trend!

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  1. Love this outfit! I'm so into the printed pants this season! Lets follow each other:)

  2. I Love my leggings- they are so versatile! I haven't tried a print legging but yours look so gorgeous maybe I will! I am your newest follower on Bloglovin & GFC :D

  3. Love your outfit. I need to get myself a pair of printed pants.

  4. Love the posts! I got a great pair of printed pants from HnM in New York but they are too spring-y. Great blog! Love the look and how you can pin everything. I'm still pretty new to the blogging world and would love some tips, maybe that could be a post? lol Found your blog through Lauren Conrad's forum! Feel free to check out my blog:

  5. This is precious! Love those pants!


    PS: I am your newest follower :)

  6. Love this post Courtney! I featured printed pants on my blog today too :)!!

  7. I have an almost identical pair I picked up for $8 at Nordstrom rack ... they are cords, LOVE them :)

  8. These are one of my favorite pair of floral pants that I've seen! I'm your newest follower :) I'd love for you to follow my blog too!

  9. love those floral pants! So cute!!
    Xoxo Sara


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