Flannel & Plaid

This begins my personal fashion posts. I’m a little nervous and hesitant to do these, but so far the process has been fun and creative so here it goes! It is sort of fun to have a collection of photos containing your favorite outfits during a specific moment of your life and how fashion changes with the times. I want these posts to capture my closet and not only give readers ideas of outfits they can wear, but help readers see statement pieces that they can pair with items in their personal closet to make their own unique fashion statement

I have my own personal style, different from everyone else- so it’s very possible that some may not like some of the outfit ensembles I have chosen! But regardless, these outfits are a true expression of me, my life, my style, it’s my personal fashion statement

Flannel & Plaid

The word flannel usually makes me think of children’s pajamas. I didn’t really start liking flannel until recently; especially since the temperature dropped into single digits and flannel fabric is very warm! I have always like plaid, but it’s difficult at times to find the right color pattern. I decided to stick with the darker tones when it came to this piece. I like the way the red and navy blue complimented each other, with neither color overpowering the other.
For this shot, I paired the plaid flannel shirt with a long sleeve cream shirt, and rolled the sleeve of the shirt over the sleeve of the plaid flannel to add a little pop. I added dark-denim skinny jeans, cream leg warmers, brown lace-up boots and red lipstick to complete the look. With jewelry, I kept the look simple by just wearing pearl earrings and of course... my wedding ring!


Shirt: Local Thrift Store
Jeans: Lauren Conrad at Kohls
Leg Warmers: Target
Boots: Forever Young Shoes
Earrings: Forever 21




  1. great start to your blog! love the pictures!


  2. love this!!! i cant wait to see what other outfit ideas you have... maybe it'll help me a little bit! :)


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