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How To Pick The Best Baby Carrier featuring Baby Cubby

As a new mom I am all about getting products to make my life easier! Motherhood is hard and definitely isn't glamorous most of the time but those baby cuddles make it all worth it! While I love cuddling and holding my son, I learned quickly that my arms can only take so much sometimes and there are things I'd still like to get done around the house during the day.  Well say hello to babywearing! These baby carriers have been such a great item for both me and baby these last few weeks. 
Here are a few tips I've learned for how to pick the best baby carrier for you and your baby:
  • KNOW YOUR BABY: It's important to consider your baby and their personality, their likes/dislikes when purchasing a carrier. If your baby likes to cuddle and enjoys being all wrapped up, a wrap carrier is probably a great option! If your baby likes to have their limbs free and enjoys looking around, a soft baby carrier that allows your baby to face both in and out may be a better option! My son hates being swaddled so he struggled being in a wrap carrier for the first month or so! He's learning to like it more now that we have a Happy Wrap (pictured above)! The material is so comfortable and lightweight and they have such a great variety of colors to choose from.
  • CONSIDER YOUR BODY TOO: While you definitely want your baby to be comfortable during babywearing, you need to make sure you feel comfortable too! Babywearing may agitate any neck or back issues you may already have so keep that in consideration when picking your baby carrier. If you struggle with shoulder pain, a sling wrap is one you'll want to avoid. Woven wraps and soft baby carriers are great for taking pressure off both you and the baby and distributing weight evenly. You can always go try some on at the Baby Cubby store location before purchasing to ensure the carrier works for you and your body type! I've heard so many great things about how comfortable the Ergo Baby carriers are so the Ergo 360 is definitely on my wish list to buy next!
  • LENGTH OF USE: Decide what you want to use your carrier for and how long your like it to be useable. Are you babywearing so you can do some light household chores or will you be hiking for an extended period of time? Some baby carriers like woven wraps should only be used up until around 20lbs whereas other soft and heavy duty carriers can be used for longer periods of time and can be great for older children. 
  • PRICE: With just having my first baby in July, I wanted to invest in some great baby products that will be able to last me for future children, so spending a little extra on luxury items was completely worth it to me.   There are so many baby carriers out there that can fit into any price point so check out the variety of baby carriers available at  BabyCubby.com before making your choice! 
I would definitely consider baby carriers to be a must have on my list for new moms. Deciding which carrier to choose can be hard, but I've loved being able to use Baby Cubby as a resource when going through the decision process. What makes Baby Cubby different than all the other baby sites out there? 
Baby Cubby is run by parents who have been there done that so they know exactly how you're feeling when trying to choose affordable, quality products for your baby. I've also loved being able to utilize the Baby Cubby's social media sites like their Instagram, Facebook page and the Cubby Community Blog where you can interact with other parents and experts to get advice on the never-ending list of questions you have as a new parent. 
I also loved the amount of information available on the Baby Cubby website. In their Baby Carrier Buying Guide, they have already done the research and have listed all of the pros and cons of each carrier, making your decision even easier than ever before. Baby Cubby not only offers free shipping on all orders over $49 but they'll price match any competitor, even Amazon, so you can feel confident that you are getting the very best deal. They have endless resource guides on strollers, diapers, etc. and are always adding the latest and greatest items they've researched to their Cubby picks section, making shopping for your baby simple and fun!
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K Couture: A Dress Created Just for You, By You

I’m finally in the third trimester and the exhaustion has been hitting me pretty hard! Even before I was pregnant, it has always been really difficult to find cute dresses to wear for formal occasions like work events or weddings. K Couture offers customizable dresses in a huge variety of colors, making it the perfect site for bridesmaid dresses, formalwear, or even just a nice dress for church! I loved that I was able to choose the fabric, the neckline, the sleeve length and the waist trim for this gorgeous dress. Visit the K Couture Dresses page to see their dresses available for customization or create one from scratch based on your personal preferences!  They even have free fabric swatches they will send you if you want to be sure before ordering and they offer free shipping which is always a huge bonus! I'm always hesitant to order things online but K Couture makes the process so simple and care-free.  A dress created just for you, by you..... as a girl what more can you ask for!


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How to Wholesale Women's Shorts Online

Wholesaling also known as jobbing is the sale of goods or merchandise to retailers; to industrial, commercial, institutional or other professional business users or to other wholesalers and related subordinate services.

To wholesale women’s shorts via the internet or online, you must first decide whether you need a physical premises and a stock of the women’s clothing or whether you will fully run the business over the internet without pre purchasing any clothes. If you chose to do it entirely over the internet you will not require a lot of capital and in some cases you may need none. In the wholesale business you buy the stock at surprisingly low prices due to the large quantity you order and then you resell your stock to retailers and other wholesalers at your preferred price.

In this case we are wholesaling women’s shorts. First and foremost you must identify a good manufacturing company whose products to you deem comfortable and of quality. The next step is to set up an online store where people can log in and order the shorts as they desire. The ultimate tips to a successful online wholesale clothing shop is firstly, create different pricing for different customers. You will have consumers and retailers do it is advisable to lower the price for the retailers as compared to that of the consumer. So if you are selling wholesale women’s shorts to a retailer at $5 a piece you should sell it to the direct consumer at maybe $10 a piece. 

In order to make a profit it is advisable you put in place a minimum order rule. This is directed to the retailers and other wholesale buyers which expect them to buy a minimum number of the shorts in order to receive a discount on the buying price. As the owner of the wholesale women’s short online store you need to create incentives which encourage the purchaser to order more goods where you reduce the price of one short as the number of shorts ordered increases.

There are challenges faced by
wholesale women’s shorts. This includes factors such as transportation costs. The rising cost of fuel worldwide poses a great risk in the delivery of the shorts and other women’s clothing. In trying to cope with the high fuel prices you may need to purchase energy efficient devises and also seek shorter routes for deliveries. This, in the long run becomes expensive.

As an online wholesale for women’s shorts the retailers may choose to cut you off as the middleman between them and the manufacturing company and opt to order for themselves directly from the production company. 

All in all wholesaling is a highly lucrative business which doesn’t require much hustle.
** This guest post is sponsored by ENE Wholesale
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How We Survived Two Years in Utah Without A Car

Prior to getting into this post, I want to preface this with the fact that I know people who live in big cities like New York or San Francisco would find this post pretty useless, given the fact that most people don’t own vehicles and ride public transit. HOWEVER, living in Utah, I’d say we’ve accomplished something pretty abnormal. Also...this post has taken about a year to write so I apologize for it being so long!

We do not own a car.
We haven’t owned one in over TWO years.
Not owning a vehicle has been one of the biggest blessings for us.
Keep reading to see our reasons why…
My husband and I got married in 2012 and moved to the heart of Downtown Salt Lake City. We both chose full-time jobs that happened to be within a few blocks of our apartment. When our car broke down at the start of 2014 and the repairs exceeded the value of the car itself (it was a beater and had lived its full life!) we decided to sell it for parts and start looking for a new car. As the weeks past, we realized how little of our life revolved around having a car. We have hundreds of restaurants outside our doorstep. We live a few blocks away from the movie theater, two amazing shopping centers, the grocery store, our dentist office, our church, the gym, the library, sporting venues, etc.…. The list goes on and on. Now as months and months began to go on, the need for a car diminished and we just stopped thinking about buying one. 
One thing that I found interesting when we made the decision to not have a vehicle is how many people, including members of our extended family, resented our new idea.  Many felt that not having a vehicle would inhibit us from being able to live our lives, that we wouldn’t be able to make it work, and that we were just plain well, weird. Aw, but it’s all about perspective my friends….

Imagine for a second not having a car payment.
Imagine not having to pay for car insurance.
Imagine not having to pay for gas.
Imagine not having to stress about when your car was going to break down.
Imagine not having to depend on your own vehicle to get you to work.
Imagine not having to deal with sitting in traffic, dealing with road rage and having to alter your day around the weather-related road delays.
The necessity of owning a vehicle became irrelevant for us and making that decision to not have a vehicle and live close to our jobs turned into one of the best decisions we have ever made as a married couple. We began to focus the money we would’ve been spending towards a car payment, insurance, gas, etc. towards our savings account and traveling.
Drive less. Live more.
That has been our motto for that past two years.  While our fellow co-workers sat in traffic jams after getting off work, we could arrive home in a few minutes, eat dinner and be out at the movies… all by the time they even got home.  Our savings account nearly tripled and we were able to take a lot of big vacations across the country from New York, San Francisco, to Texas, and Hawaii. Obviously our decision to be car-less has had its share of cons. There are things that we have had to sacrifice since not having a vehicle. There are parts of the Salt Lake valley that aren’t as easily accessible via public transit and we many times have had to rely on our friends and family sometimes to pick us up for group date nights and family events. We appreciate everyone who has gone out of their way to help us be able to attend things despite not having a car.
Here's how we have survived without a car for two year:
Trax/ Frontrunner- We are experts now in how to ride the public transit systems in Utah. While we haven’t ever used the bus system (neither of us dare to!), we have mastered checking routes, catching the frontrunner train to Provo or Ogden, or riding TRAX out to the airport to catch a flight. The Public transit system in Utah is great and very inexpensive compared to other major cities. It’s $2.50 per stop on Frontrunner and $2.50 for about two hours of riding on TRAX (wherever your end location may be).
Shopping Cart- We purchased a small shopping cart off Amazon that folds up easily, allowing us to get a transport a good amount of groceries from the local grocery store to our apartment. You are more conscious of what you purchase at the grocery store when you have to be the one to carry or cart it a  couple blocks home! We have reusable bags that we bring when we go for small trips to the grocery store, which allows for us to not use the paper or plastic bags that easily rip and are bad for the environment. The reusable bags can hold more weight and work perfectly for walking home.
Our Own Two Feet- There is so many parts of the city that you miss when you just drive around in a car. We have found so many hidden gems just from walking around so much and we both lead a healthier lifestyle since we walk around the city for everything.  Walking and figuring out how to get from point A to point B is different when you’re walking vs. a car but we’ve learned that the effort is absolutely worth it.
While I understand this isn’t a situation that everyone in life WILL or WOULD WANT to experience, it has been a great learning experience for us. Many times I think our society focuses on material things and how “essential” they are to your life. You NEED a big house, you NEED a nice car, you NEED this and that… but you really really don’t!  Living in a location that has everything you need at your doorstep has been something we have loved. Our priorities are different now…. the city life has changed us.
RECENT UPDATE** We purchased a car last week as we are expecting our first child in July (more on that to come!) and one of the interesting things I’ve noticed since purchasing it is people’s reactions. I think we’ve had as much mixed reactions to buying the car as we did when we told everyone we were car-less. The reason why I added this section to this post is to reiterate the fact that YOU MAKE YOUR OWN LIFE. Not everyone is going to like the decisions you make and not everyone is going to be happy for you despite calling themselves your friends or family. It seems to be human nature to criticize and create judgment about other people’s lives.  You need to make the best decision for yourself/family and you shouldn’t give a crap about what other people think because at the end of the day you’re the one who has to live with the life you’ve created. Don’t let others opinions or reactions to you affect your happiness. Trust your decisions.
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